A healthy return is a prerequisite to continue to be able to invest and to guarantee the continuity of the company, the provision of goods and services to clients, and employment. Yet Profit for us means more than this. It not only represents Facilicom's aim to achieve healthy financial results year after year, but also its intent to contribute to prosperity and to play a positive role in society. Here are some of the ways that we do this:

Facilicom is an inspiring employer

Facilicom aims for an average growth of 6% per year. Although growth in itself is not the goal, it does indicate success. And because Facilicom is successful, it will provide ambitious people with an attractive working environment to make the most of their talent.

Client satisfaction

Every year we carry out a client satisfaction survey. And, naturally, our management team are continuously checking whether the quality of their services meets the client's expectations. Normally, an evaluation meeting with the customer will take place every six weeks. The evaluation reports drawn up will form the basis for any improvements or revisions that may need to be implemented.


Facilicom meticulously registers external complaints and processes them in accordance with our complaints handling procedure. The company keeps the originator of the complaint informed of its progress. When satisfaction is too low or if an adverse report occurs too frequently it is treated as a formal complaint.


Facilicom has a Company Code with clear integrity guidelines. The Company Code is a translation of the principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative. In addition, integrity has been given a prominent place in the mandatory organisation-wide training programme.