In 2011 Facilicom  took a significant step towards our ultimate environmental ambitions. 

By working closely with our sustainable solutions partner Ethical Nation Ltd we have seen considerable reduction in our running costs in addition to tremendous growth in our positive environmental profile. Having established a full measure/reduce/offset approach to our carbon management program we have achieved recognition for our efforts, and have been awarded with the neutralcarbonzoneTM accreditation for all our Head Office operations. We are now proud to now be a net zero carbon emitter
Our focus is on continual improvement, both in terms of further reducing our emission levels, and in rolling out our no impact ethos to the rest of our operations. 

In a recent ISO: 14001 audits, the Auditor commented that this was one of only 3 carbon positive activities he had encountered in his career. 

C2Zero is the way that we ensure that doing business with Facilicom is beneficial commercially, socially and environmentally, and hope to exceed any possible expectation regarding our environmental responsibilities. C2Zero is provided at no additional cost to our clients and is an added-value service.