In any cleaning operation the main environmental impact is caused by the cleaning chemicals that are deployed. Like all responsible service providers, Facilicom works hard at reducing both the volume of chemicals used and the harmful ingredients that comprise their content. In addition - and often an unseen consequence of a cleaning operation - is the damage caused to the environment through carbon emissions generated through our cleaning activities.

Facilicom is enormously proud to lead the industry in this matter and have pioneered a unique venture known as C2Zero - the carbon neutral cleaning system.

Calculating the carbon impact

The system - which operates as an integral part of our bespoke cleaning model - calculates the precise carbon impact of every aspect of our operation. By understanding and measuring this, we are able to offset the environmental impact and return the whole cleaning process on your site to a carbon neutral position. Of course, this is relatively easy but what happens next is where the skill lies. Each year we create improvements in our working best-practice that will minimise, and in some cases remove altogether, the carbon emissions we cause. Over time, this will bring our service to a more naturally neutral level.

Unique environmental system in cleaning industry

This system has been trialled extensively since 2010 and the Company has committed to challenging conversion targets for 2014 and beyond. This is our creation, it is unique and it has been heralded as one of the very few positive environmental initiatives to be brought into the cleaning industry.