Daily Office Cleaning

Facilicom is a company that is building a reputation as one that pays a great deal of attention to its staff. It is our staff who clean our client's buildings, which is what we are measured on. They are the backbone to our business so caring for them is essential.

That is why we invest in training: all new employees follow our training programme called 'Instruction by Induction'. We encourage our cleaning staff to enrol on relevant courses, allowing all employees to develop their skills and achieve promotion of they are willing and capable of doing so.

The Facilicom Theme Days & Theme Weeks Periodical Cleaning System

This is a process where certain tasks are performed on exact days of the week or times of the year. It is a simple yet effective system which offers a structured approach that is easy for our staff to understand, and one that offers you a clearly defined plan where you know what tasks are being carried out on a set day.

The system is designed around cleaning those areas that are both high and low in required frequency. The procedure is regularly reviewed as each client is unique, and is based on practical experience. For its application to your location, we have divided the cleaning programme activities into these three frequencies:



Daily Cleaning



Performed on each cleaning day.



Theme Days;

Weekly Activities

Performed once a week on fixed (theme) days.

Theme Weeks;

Periodic Activities

Performed 8 times per year for sanitary areas and office/common areas in fixed (theme) weeks


A thorough and timely performance of the low frequency activities is essential for providing consistent high quality. As a result, we have scheduled the performance of weekly activities on fixed days (Theme- days). This enables the cleaner to develop a regular routine.  The fixed days not only make it easier for the cleaner from an organisational point of view, but also they make the inspection of the performance of the weekly activities, simpler and more effective.

Low frequency periodic cleaning is performed during weeks (Theme weeks) determined in advance. Because effective and timely performance is very important to us, the Contract Manager will inspect this work using an inspection form, the Daily Checking System.

An important benefit of adhering to the low frequency cleaning activities schedule is tha it enables us to perform the daily cleaning activities as efficiently as possible. The cleaners concentrate their activity on areas that need cleaning since their last round. As the work is limited to the real daily work, we can improve efficiency. Our cleaners are all trained to follow these schedules.

Quality Audits

Quality can be measured objectively. Facilicom uses Quality Audits and a programme called DCS (Daily Checking System) which helps to gain a better understanding of cleaning issues on our sites. If required our International Quality and Innovation Department can offer support and advice.


Transparency is common practice in our company. We keep our clients informed and offer whatever style of reporting is required. At each site a logbook can be found detailing the latest course of events. Every six weeks our clients receive a brief evaluation report giving an overview of our services. On request we can prepare a report containing as an example the hours delivered, training records, the results of quality checks, H&S issues and planned periodical work. All Facilicom Operational teams are locally based so we are always close by.


Management information will be produced on a monthly basis and will reflect all areas of the service delivery and all locations contained within the scope without exception. It will cover the directly delivered cleaning services as well as any subcontract services, and will endeavor to achieve synergy wherever possible in terms of both the operation and reporting formats.

The report will cover: 

  • Schedule of hours worked v contracted hours
  • Periodic work carried out
  •  Forthcoming periodic work
  •  Weekly audit scores
  • Consumable usage
  •  Staffing analysis
  •  Changes to specification
  •  Innovations 

Inevitably there will need to be some differentiation between the services due to their nature, but primarily we would hope to arrive at an agreed set of KPIs driven by the SLA agreement and our desire to monitor in an objective manner.

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